Individual membership application

Wandsworth Community Transport provides a regular door-to-door Shopping Shuttle, Shopmobility Services and Outings for people who live in Wandsworth. In order to access these services, you must first become a member by filling in the following form. There are two types of membership depending on whether you have mobility problems or whether you are a more active pensioner. It is the same form, but just make sure you tick the correct box that applies to you. The two types of memberships are as follows.

ROAD RUNNER MEMBERSHIP is for people (of any age) who find it difficult to use public transport and who need our Door-to-door Service. We use accessible minibuses and can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids. Services include the Shopping Shuttle, Shopmobility and Outings. We can provide wheelchairs, scooters and volunteers to help.

SILVER DAY TRIPPERS MEMBERSHIP is for people over 60 who can use public transport. We use normal minibuses and run outings throughout the year, picking up from bus stops across the borough.

Before making an application, you should read and agree to the Terms and Conditions contained in the Group Membership Pack.