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Road Runner and Silver Day Trippers Programme

Saturday, April 15th, 2023


We have just published our latest set of outings for 2023 – Book up quick as they always sell out like hot cakes!

Everyone is desperately keen to get out and about again now the nicer weather is here. So book up and have some nice days out this summer – I think we all need one!

PLEASE CALL US ON 020 8675 3812 TO BOOK.


Transport for COVID Vaccinations

Friday, January 15th, 2021

We are pleased to announce we are working with the NHS and the Council to get Wandsworth residents who find it difficult to use public transport, to their COVID 19 Vaccinations. The picture shows Mr Khonboker, who we lent a wheelchair and took to his appointment in Balham.

Although most people will find a way for something this important, (or have a relative or friend who can take them) we fear there are people out there who will need help to get this done. This is where we come in – simply ring our offices on 020 8675 7460 once you have an appointment, and we will do the rest. If you need to borrow a wheelchair, we can do that too, so we will make it very easy, whatever your mobility issues. There is no charge (we are funded by Wandsworth Council) and we will take your details so that hopefully you can use our Shopmobility and Shopping Shuttle services, and go on our outings in the summer when all this is over.

We have 2,000 elderly and disabled members in Wandsworth and 40 years experience, so you can have full confidence in our services.

Manuel Button

Managing Director

020 8675 7460

Fundraising Appeal July 2020

Friday, July 17th, 2020
We are currently fundraising for a commercial sanitising sprayer (as used by Transport for London) which will clean and disinfect the inside of our minibuses and Shopmobility between uses. It keeps surfaces virus free for up to 28 days! We will also offer it to other community groups that use minibuses within Wandsworth.
But it is costly and our target is £2,000 – see the following link to our virgin giving page and help with this very important piece of equipment

Outings to Restart – July 2020 Latest Coronavirus News

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

 Silver Daytrippers


We hope you have been keeping well over the past few months. It has certainly been a difficult time for all of us and we must hope for better times ahead.

As I am sure you know, we only managed to run one trip in the Spring/Summer programme, back on 16 March to Polhill Garden Centre. However, as restrictions have now eased we have decided to operate a “socially distant” late Summer programme to some seaside destinations.

The minibuses will operate with a maximum of 9 passengers on board and we will ask you to wear a face covering (unless you are medically exempt). The buses will be rigorously cleaned before the outing and the drivers will also clean the grab rails, handles and head rests whilst you are enjoying your fish and chips or strolling along the prom.

We will pick up passengers between 9am and 10.05am from the regular stops. Our timetable and programme are published on our website

 Wednesday 22 July               Eastbourne                                   £12

 Monday 10 August                Worthing                                      £12

 Thursday 20 August              Bexhill                                          £12

 Wednesday 26 August           Hastings                                       £12

 Monday 7 September            Southend                                     £12

 Wednesday 16 September     Eastbourne                                   £12

 Thursday 24 September         Rye                                              £12

Please call us on 020 8675 3812 to book.



We have restarted the Shopping Shuttle, but only for people who don’t need additional help. This is to ensure we can maintain adequate social distancing, so no volunteers, wheelchairs or waiting at Shopmobility. We have cut the shopping time to just over an hour, so it is straight back and on the minibus with no hanging around. The cost remains £2.50.

For those who just need a loan of Shopmobility equipment, ring in advance and wait outside. They will come out with your wheelchair/scooter and disinfect it before and after use.

Please call us on 020 8675 3812 to book.


For those who we can’t yet take to the shops, we are offering a home delivery service. You give your shopping list over the phone, we deliver it to you and you pay by cheque or bank transfer, plus £2.50 charge (the same as the usual shopping fare).

Please call us on 020 8675 3812 to book.


Meanwhile, Dial-a-Ride is still operating its usual service and has a huge amount of spare capacity. You can get a ride any time any place anywhere, so we recommend you join them if not already a member. They can be contacted on 0343 2227777.

Latest Coronavirus News 18/03/2020

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Demand for our Shopmobility Services and Shopping Shuttle remain strong and we plan to continue for the meanwhile. We consider this “essential travel” to get food. However, all our Road Runner and Silver Day Tripper outings (which are non-essential services) have been cancelled up to and including 17th April 2020

Dial-a-Ride (who we work closely with) is still fully operational and we plan to follow TfL’s lead on this.

Meanwhile we are working with Age UK Wandsworth to deliver emergency home shopping to those who are stuck at home. This is going to become a major need and we plan to divert our resources in this direction as other work understandably dries up.

This is all very fluid and may all change from one day to the next – if you know people who are stuck at home with no food it is probably best to divert them to Age UK Wandsworth on 020 8877 8940.

Good luck out there and keep in touch.



Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

As part of our battle against loneliness, we are starting a choir for our passengers, volunteers and staff.

Singing is really good for you, and getting out and meeting people is just what the doctor ordered.

The choir will meet at Shopmobility on a Thursday afternoon and a fun time is guaranteed – call Manuel for more details.

The pictures are from our 30th anniversary celebrations, where Rock Choir entertained us and had ’em singing in the aisles. We have obviously got some hidden talent out there!

Loneliness at the top of the agenda – Pub Lunch Specials

Friday, February 16th, 2018

Everyone is suddenly going on about the dangers of loneliness and the negative impact on health, but we at WCT have been doing fantastic work getting people out and about, and making new friends with volunteers and fellow passengers for over 30 years. Our regular outings and shopping shuttle really hit the spot in this regard, and over two thirds of our passengers say we have helped them make new friends and enjoy new activities.

BUT, we know we can always do more, and are starting a special lunch club so that isolated single people can go out together to a nice pub in the country and have lunch with new friends.

Our first expedition will be to the lovely Anchor pub next to the canal at Wisley – it is going to be great!


Spring/Summer Passenger Trips 2018 Now Booking

Friday, April 21st, 2017

We have just published our latest Silver Day Trippers and Road Runner Newsletters with details of our Spring/Summer Programme for 2018.

See Our Latest Newsletters and Lists Of Outings

Men Only Group

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

We all know how difficult it is to get men out and about and doing activities. We are having a special Men’s Group outing (a pub lunch, as you might have guessed) to canvass opinion and to see what we can do to get more men using our services. Please call Manuel on 020-8675 7460 if you are interested and please spread the word on our behalf.


Mobility Scooter Open Day at Shopmobility

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Mobility scooters can really make a difference tMadge Benidorm-277575o people’s lives, but many are scared of giving them a try. On top of that there are the dangers involved if you don’t know what you are doing. We want to encourage people to come to Shopmobility (at the back of Sainsbury’s on Garratt Lane) on Thursday 2nd June to have a try. We provide training and organise insurance and ensure everyone is safe. We do free daily loans and long term hires and second hand purchase “try before you buy”. Another side of the equation is that with our growing population (weight not numbers) it is getting increasingly difficult to find volunteers to push heavy wheelchairs. Mobility scooters can be the answer and help set people free. Call us on 020 8875 9585 if you would like to attend. Madge from the hit TV series “Benidorm” says you know it makes sense.