Staff and trustees

Our experienced staff team and volunteer trustees help keep the wheels of Wandsworth Community Transport turning smoothly


Manuel Button

Manuel Button
Managing Director

Manuel started as a volunteer nearly 40 years ago and has led Wandsworth Community Transport from its humble beginnings, to a leading voluntary sector organisation in the Borough. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field and leads a very successful organisation which serves the whole community.

Paul Attwood

Paul Attwood
Deputy Director

Paul joined WCT in 1997 and is responsible for financial matters at the charity.He also organises the Silver Daytripper outings and has managed WCT’s involvement in the Nightingale Charity Walk since 2015.

Keith Prout

Keith Prout
Fleet Manager

Keith joined WCT in 2006 and is responsible for maintaining WCT’s fleet of minibuses. As you can imagine, this keeps him very busy. Keith joined us from SG Smiths, the Mercedes suppliers, where he was the top mechanic.

Ross Bally

Ross Bally
Operations Administrator

Ross is the friendly voice on the telephone, looking after bookings for minibuses and of course calls from our passenger members requesting shopping trips and outings. Ross is also our Information Technology supremo. Ross joined WCT in 2005 and is another long-serving member of staff.

Marcia Millington

Marcia Millington
Shopmobility Manager

Marcia has been managing our busy Shopmobility office at Sainsbury’s since 2002. Marcia finds volunteers to help dozens of passengers to do their own shopping every week. In addition to managing our large and diverse team of volunteers, Marcia goes out and about to promote the service to lunch clubs and sheltered housing centres.

Malcolm Baker

Malcolm Baker
Shopmobility Administrator

Malcolm started as a volunteer whilst still at school, helping his father Terry who was our original Shopping Shuttle driver in the 1990s. Malcolm is involved in all aspects of the work at Shopmobility. In particular, he looks after the mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs ensuring they are in good working order for our clients.

Three drivers by a bus

Driver team

Wandsworth Community Transport have approximately 40 drivers on their books (including  volunteers) who do the backbone of the work and make it all happen. Many started as volunteers and share that ethos of caring about people and wanting to help. They are much loved and appreciated by all our passengers and groups, and they make our services so much more than just a way of getting from A to B. Like Manuel, many have been with us for more than 20 years, and that tells quite a story in its own right. Of course we always need more, so anyone interested please see the volunteering page. They have all completed their MiDAS driver training and FORS safety awareness training.


  • Hicky Kingsbury, Chair
  • Emily Foxen
  • John Ratcliffe
  • Rida Nicholson
  • Simon Clark
  • Julie Bright
  • Andrew Tilly
  • David Peter
  • June Collins
  • Richard Brown
  • David Daby