Mobility Scooter Open Day at Shopmobility

Mobility scooters can really make a difference to people’s lives, but many are scared of giving them a try. On top of that there are the dangers involved if you don’t know what you are doing. We want to encourage people to come to Shopmobility (at the back of Sainsbury’s on Garratt Lane) on Thursday 2nd June to have a try. We provide training and organise insurance and ensure everyone is safe. We do free daily loans and long term hires and second hand purchase “try before you buy”. Another side of the equation is that with our growing population (weight not numbers) it is getting increasingly difficult to find volunteers to push heavy wheelchairs. Mobility scooters can be the answer and help set people free. Call us on 020 8875 9585 if you would like to attend. Madge from the hit TV series “Benidorm” says you know it makes sense.